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The Founder's Story

built on purpose

Blackline was built out of necessity. Our founding partners have experienced firsthand that the pool of skilled workers is diminishing and that something needs to be done about it.

We looked internally first and asked ourselves what we could do about this issue. Once we knew how we could help, we didn't have to look far at who we could help. We live in, what we believe is, one of the most in-need areas in the country, Lancaster County. So we got right to work and built Blackline Institute to train up Journeymen.

Today, Blackline is more than an Institute. We offer a full suite of MEP Design Services and a unique approach to telling "Your Why" to attract and keep customers and employees. In review, we build your building, build your people and then build your business.




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Working to solve the skilled worker gap.

The Blackline Institute was created to help today’s students prepare to build the future. We believe that trade training is only a part of the picture in the development of potential.

The leaders of tomorrow will strive for excellence in their field but will also need to be effective communicators and team members. At Blackline, our goal is to equip students with the tools they need to succeed.


Jon Sensenig

Jon has always desired to serve others. He took his experience as a teacher and coach and brought that passion to the construction industry. Jon assisted in company startups and developing projects and staffing for an industrial construction division in central PA. Today, Jon continues to serve those around him by developing people, projects, and processes within commercial and industrial settings. One way he accomplishes this is through his participation at the Blackline Institute in developing next-level trade professionals to serve the industry rapidly growing around them.

Jim Snyder

Jim has expertise in multiple industries spanning over 40 years. He began his career in welding before expanding his skills to high-end cabinetry and furniture building. Building led to both residential and commercial construction where Jim began field supervision. In the last 20 years, Jim has worked in various management positions including his current role as field supervisor for a commercial industrial builder. At the Blackline Institute, Jim brings with him experience, dedication, and a strong work ethic that he passes on to the next generation of tradesmen.

Ryan Groff

Ryan has both ability and drive in the trades industry as a result of his 20+ years of experience. He began his apprenticeship in 1998 where he worked his way up to foreman. At present, Ryan holds multiple high-level positions including Chief Strategy Officer for Blackline. Ryan uses his diverse experience and applies it to real-world scenarios to help create and shape the future within the Blackline Institute.

Chris Maharg

Chris has dependability, critical thinking, and commitment in both his personal and professional life. Chris began his career young at the age of 16 in the construction industry. After a successful career in the United States Marine Corps, he relocated his family back to Lancaster, PA. Chris now holds an executive office where he can implement the skills he has acquired throughout his career. Chris shares his expertise in personnel management, decision-making, and team-building with those in the Blackline Institute.


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Our MEP services are integrated and efficient.

Every building is only as good as its design. Better designs, better buildings. Blackline design exists to help create purposeful and effective buildings. From first concepts through construction and building turnover, a high quality design saves time, money and frustration from changes, trade conflicts and an endless list of inefficiencies.




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Equipping you to own your why, attract talent, and build your business.

Every business has a story to tell. In a world full of noise, it’s difficult to make your voice heard. A clear and defined brand is an essential part in developing client relationships and productive teams. Utilizing media and messaging, Blackline reveals and communicates your story to set your brand apart.

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